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Still waiting for Revit to be in this suite...
All factory assets need an MEP infrastructure. This an essential part of the factory design, after the concept setting had been made. Power supplies, heating, cooling, air, cable trays, pipes, ductwork, etc. Revit is the ideal environment to do this. Much more efficiënt than Autocad or Inventor.
(I won't start a discussion about integrating Revit MEP with Inventor Tube&Pip, to get the best of both worlds ;)
Most of new factory buildings are being designed and engineered in Revit. This would be BIM in optima forma! Revit, together with the FDS tools would combine architectuel, constuctional, MEP and Factory asset design.
Even existing building scan be added using 3D scanning and Recap.
Of course one can buy Revit separate, but the suite would be more contemporary and attractive.


Hi Frans,
Thanks for your great feedback.
Please, make sure to post it as well on the FDS 2016 Beta feedback forum if you have not done it yet.

Ale and Franz, I made the FDS team aware of your suggestions. So I think you are covered. But of course you are always free to elaborate your thoughts on the FDS 2016 beta forum.

This is great news! Thanks for posting this!

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