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What implications will this have?

Thanks for this. I migrated our Design Data earlier today and sure enough our custom threads are not in the new thread file. What's the best way to fix this? Go back to an old version of the thread file, add the columns to our custom files (do we need values in every field for these new columns?), and then migrate? TIA

I have a few comments below to help clarify:

1. Make a back-up of your current thread.xls and keep this back-up for 2014 and prior version.

2. Make a copy of the thread.xls for 2015 and future versions of Inventor.

3. Keep the 2014/prior version & 2015/onward thread.xls files separate from each other.

4. For the 2015/onward version, edit the thread.xls file and insure the missing columns for the default thread depth and default runouts are amalgamated.

*Note: For reference, compare the custom thread.xls to the default 2015 version of the thread.xls, tab by tab. I note the following defaults now have thread depth and thread runouts columns added in 2015:
-ANSI Unified Screw
-ANSI Metric M
-ISO Metric
-ISO Metric Trapezoidal
-NPT for PVC Pipe and Fitting
-ISO Pipe Threads
-ISO Taper Internal
-JIS Taper Internal
-DIN Taper
-DIN Pipe Taper Internal
-DIN Pipe Threads
-BSP Pipe Threads
-BSP Taper Internal
-GB Metric
-GB Pipe Threads without seal
-AFBMA Standard Locknut

5. Add a value for thread depth and thread runouts for every row.

6. To migrate, you just need to copy the thread.xls file into the Design Data folder

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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