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Left unsaid in this workaround: WHY has the Inventor drawing default changed from idw to dwg? It seems to imply a slow deprecation or the beginning of integrating AutoCAD and Inventor together. If these aren't why, what was the reasoning for this change?

Yes, WHY has the Inventor drawing default changed from idw to dwg?

What are the benefits of using one vs the other?
Why this move towards a DWG extension for Inventor? Is IDW going away?
Am I going to be "forced" to eventually spend time/money on legacy drawings to convert them to dwg?

Why can't whatever functionality saving as a DWG provides simply be incorporated in the IDW file extension?

Autocad = .DWG
Inventor = .IDW
Excel = .xls (xlsx)
Word = .doc (docx)

You don't see MS going around making every program in Office have a .doc extension do you and yet you can easily share data between the office products.
Why does this feel like Autodesk took some "easy way out" to save development costs..

Hi All,
IDW is not going away.
The logic for this change is that a new users (not existing who would have templates and settings saved thus would not be impacted) would have more benefit using DWG over IDW. These benefits would be around compatibility, viewing, sharing….
If this is not your case, I hope this post was useful for making you aware of this change and adjust the settings according to your needs.

Is there somebody who remembers if Inventor DWG was present in Inventor initially or was introduced in some version?

It was introduced in Inventor 2008.


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