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Is there a way to not show or hide the prompted text box? Since you can click OK or CANCEL the prompted text pop up provides no function which is why I'd like to suppress it.

It's time for Inventor to insert an Unprompted Entry option. That would make our drawings a lot easier.

The scale of the drawing is a rule that applies to the whole world.
So why do developers inventor continue to ignore it?
Maybe they are too busy making some great new materials and colors.
Shame on you!

Great script! I started using it today and will do so until Autodesk makes a hardcoded solution for this task.

What can I do?
In some drawing's is the type Prompted Entry only SCALE and not (Scale) and your script is not working! I can't change in all drawings the type Prompted Entry SCALE to (Scale)
Have you an solution for me?

So, if I’ve understood your problem correctly, you have some drawings where you have already a prompted entry called SCALE defined in the title block.

If this is the case, in order to use the script you have downloaded from this post with these drawings, edit it with Notepad and replace Scale with SCALE.

I hope it helps.

Hallo Ale,
thank's for your fast answer!
Sorry my question was not entirely accurate!
I can't write the left an right angle bracket in the post's! Then i change in your script
"(left angle bracket)SCALE(right angle bracket)" in ...If (defText.Text.IndexOf("SCALE", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0) Then... is the the error message:
No prompted entry string containing (left angle bracket)Scale(right angle bracket) was found in the title block definition: Title_SK

I hope you can help me!

Yes, I’m afraid I’ve not understood your problem.

I’ve included in my title block a prompted entry called "(left angle bracket)SCALE(right angle bracket)"

Is this the case for your existing drawings?

And I’ve replaced in the script just "(left angle bracket)Scale(right angle bracket)" with "(left angle bracket)SCALE(right angle bracket)".

Actually there are two entries to replace.

Have you just done this too? Did you change something else?

After doing that, for me everything works as expected.
I hope it helps.


Hello Ale,
I use the following entries, but is doesn't work!

Function GetScaleTextBox(ByVal titleDef As TitleBlockDefinition) As TextBox
For Each defText As TextBox In titleDef.Sketch.TextBoxes
If (defText.Text.IndexOf("Scale", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0) Then
Return defText
End If
Throw New ArgumentException("No prompted entry string containing Scale was found in the title block definition: " & titleDef.Name)
End Function

The error Message is:
No prompted entry string containing Scale was found in the title block definition: Title_SK

I think it does not work when prompted entry is not in angle brackets!



This is really one Script i searched a long time for.

But i have one question. Is it possible to supress the Error warings or better to keep the script running if there is one TitleBlock in the Drawing were no -Field is added (intended). Because i use two different TitleBlocks and one TitleBlock doesn't need the Scale.

I hope you can help me :)?


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