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This only works for g/cm^3 though. It seems quite odd that you cannot do value substition on this in the Parts List or at least get lbs/in^3 to even show in the iProperties when you can input that way in the Materials Editor. Why have some settings for US Customary units and then force the use of g/cm^3 only?

Hi Mark,

Basically, with this method you are recalling the value from the Density field(iProperties, Physical tab).

As you know, this value is always expressed in g/cm^3 regardless the settings of the Material Editor and Document Settings, Units tab.

I’d suggest you to raise this in the Inventor IdeaStation forum(http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/Inventor-IdeaStation/idb-p/v1232 ).

Thanks and regards.

great man :D

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