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Hi Bob sensational tool.
Maybe you can extend it with possibilty to inject files with trigger an existing external rule.


This is really nice. Being busy with work I haven't had any time to make updates to this despite needing them to make my life easier. A few of the things I have wanted to do, have now already been done by you! Awesome!

I'm happy to see that this is becoming a more refined community tool!

Once again thank you, and great job!

- MegaJerk

Thanks MegaJerk. It is good to remember that it is all thanks to you that this tool ever came to existence.

And to Michael's suggestion: I was afraid that someone would bring up the subject of external rules :-) Maybe something for the next upgrade if I find the time. I am sure someone else has yet another wish that I need to implement at the same time ...


Amazing job! Thank you.

And as always a big thank you to MegaJerk

bloody good effort! thankyou for taking the time to do this


I'm having some issues with this application crashing. can I send you an email with some information please? I would appreciate it very much if you have some spare time to take a look at this.



Sure. I am no longer actively contributing to the blog but if you are crashing with the app that was not the intention. Please send any reproducible steps you have to bob.van.der.donck"at"autodesk.com


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