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Hi Bob,
If you are frustrated what can we the users feel?
There are things in Inventor that haven't been updated since version 2010. I am talking about UI consistency,features that are not updated for years like sheet metal and stress analysis. Commands that go to Fusion instead of going to Inventor.Help system you mentioned. I think you have there all kind of kids that play with the software API and don't understand what the users need.I hope I don't come to harsh on them and you get my point. Take a look at the beta site how many enhancement requests where made and how many got inside the new version maybe 4 or 5.

I hear you Mark. And don't get me wrong I think release 2013 brought very nice new features like Equation curves, Control vertex splines, 3D Sketch Line Align to Plane
, Improved Assembly mirror, Hatch clipping for drawing text, Thin wall meshing etc.

But like you sometimes I wish we can spend more resources to perfection "old" functionality like Imate Match lists, virtual intersection dimensioning or easier navigating to the workspace. I bet everyone has its secret or not so secret Top 10 list.
Like always it is a trade-off between creating new functionality and modifying existing functionality. And in that battle for resources, the new stuff often wins.

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