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I'm having this problem, but my registry seems to be already set up as you have described above. Is there anything else you can think of that I could try?


Hi Jeff,

Does this happen with all type of files (ipt, iam, idw, etc.) or just some of them?

Does this happen when you open the files from Windows Explorer, from Vault or both?

Thanks and regards,


I'm having this same problem, changed everything in the registry as descibed iin the above article. Still the problem exist, it both happens when opening from explorer and from Vault, type of file doesn't matter.

I'm using Inventor 2013 and Windows 7.

Thanks, Don

Hi Don,

I have seen the similar behavior once. We had to delete the complete registry folder

Please backup this folder before. You will loose all your customization.

On the next start of Inventor, it will recreate this folder from scratch.

Ensure UAC and Antivirus won't disturb the reregistration process on the next start of Inventor.


Thanks for the quick answer.
I tried this for .ipt files and it seems to work perfectly when I'm opening files from explorer.
But when I open files from Vault, the problem still exists. Any Ideas why this happens?


Hi Don,

Could you please ensure you have installed all service packs from your actual Vault version :

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