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Hi Bob - this is exactly what I am looking for. However, when I download the .zip file and unzip it, my Bin folder is completely empty...

You should be able to find the compiled .exe in : \Code Injector\Code Injector\obj\x86\Release

Hope that helps!

- MegaJerk

The code that I originally posted was compiled as debug code. Please re-download the zip file. I compiled as a release version and as megajerk explained, you can find the exe in ...\Code Injector\Code Injector\obj\x86\Release but also in the location you would normally expect it at ...\Code Injector\Code Injector\bin\Release


I uploaded yet another version.
The change is on the “Run rule” checkbox. By using the “Delete rule after run” radio button, you can now add a rule, run it and immediately remove the rule.This is an option if you want to perform a one time operation on your files via iLogic without keeping the iLogic rule around permanently.
I also made another change that when you prefer to add the rule without running it, I now prevent the rule from running automatically when the event trigger is set to Before or After save.



I'm impressed with your code.
However, I run IV2011 and your program will only run on IV2012.

Can you compile a version that will run with Autodesk Inventor 2011?


Hi Yoni,
You can download the 2011 version from here:

If I am not mistaken this version will run on the 3 latest versions of Inventor (2011, 2012 and 2013).


Hi guys! Great little utility here and it has helped save a ton of time for me. However would it be possible to add the capability of running this on Inventor DWG files and not just the IDW files? That would be the cats meow!!


I am working on it Kenny.
Once I have figured out how to programmatically distinguish between a DWG generated by Inventor and one created by AutoCAD, I'll post a new version of the tool.

The tool now also works on files with extension DWG. I decided to not filter out the AutoCAD DWG and uploaded the new code that you can find in the regular spot:


Wow thanks for the fast response Bob and for implementing DWG capability!

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