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Since I missed the survey and have strong opinions on this, I'll drop them here:

Marking menu: tacky and annoying. looks like something managers can be happy about when they make presentations but sucks for users. Waste of developers' time; they should be improving the core product usability instead of features that look nice in marketing materials.

Mini-toolbar: includes all the above and worse. There is no way to turn it off, it always sits in the way, and is incomplete (inferior to redundant). Consequently, it hinders workflow. I'm sure managers love it because it's transparent.

Ribbon: tolerable so long as it's customizable. grouping is not always intuitive. No improvement in workflow, probably hindered.

I wish Autodesk would spend more time strengthening the weak but important features instead of adding these half-assed cosmetic additions. Makes me suspect that those who prioritize development are not users of the product.

End of rant.

Thanks for the feedback. I passed on your comments to our product management and customer experience folks so your thoughts are certainly not lost despite the fact that you missed the survey.

I now have a goal to provide positive feedback on other topics where Inventor has improved, to offset the heavy negative in this one.

For starters: this blog is very good, and I have found many topics quite helpful.



I know this is late but i have to say im in love with the marking menu. It combined with my custom key bindings have improved my productivity and speed at which i can create models.

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