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But where do we see this in the real world?
It seems there is a mis-guided attempt to validate software tools by showing that the results (if the only the problem is set up correctly) will match our "college try" hand calculations.

While setting up the problem correctly is certainly a requirement - since when is hand calc a validation or computer calc a validation?

The schematic simplification for hand calcs or the digitial model for computer calculations is only validated by physical experimentation and evidence.

Where, in the real world, do we set up a beam like this on infinitely thin edges and a point load (at least in your Inventor model you set up with a split face for a load of some area - whether the area used represents any real world application or not is open to discussion).

My thinking is we need to devise a whole new set of more realistic models for teaching/learning how to use modern analysis tools.

All this excercise says to me is that the initial Inventor model was not set up correctly if we expected it to show the same displacement as the equally flawed (in terms of real world application) schematic representation and simplified calculation.

Am I wrong? Where is the flaw in my thinking?

From this example we learn a lot of tools.
How to extract Moment of Inertia, how to apply forces and constraints. AD you are lucky that the sketch in the example is projected and there are no need for dimensions or else JD would send you the pdf tutorial he sends everybody in the discussion groups. Keep up the good work.

To J.D.'s point, I was not trying to asses the reality level of what we learn in school. I was just trying to make Inventor do what we learned. :-)
To Dan's point, yes I fully realize that I am playing here on J'D's home court and that he can deliver a home run any minute.
Besides it looks like J.D. has big plans to renovate the stadium.

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