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I was only just talking about how little information there is surrounds the task scheduler custom task. The boom Bob lays it out for us! good work.

Hi Bob. This is very useful. I've often wondered about the workflow for custom tasks but never seen it documented. You mentioned that the full source code was included in the package but I can only see a compiled exe, a txt file, some parts and a csv?

Sorry! I found it in the zip inside the zip :)

Sorry Gavin. I should have explained about the zip inside the zip.
I used VB.Express 2010 and the code is set up as a console application with two parameters whereas the custom task only accepts one input argument. So you will have to juggle a bit with the input arguments if you want to run it in VB.Express.

I use iLogicCsv too and thanks Bob for these customization tips.

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