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I got very excited when I saw this post, until I saw the note: "The rule works on both 2D and 3D sweeps with the exception of 3D sketches that have bends in them."

I discovered this issue with 3d sketches with bends in them a few months ago and tried various methods to get the length but couldn't crack it.

Unfortunately the API call does not take bends into account.
I hope the rule can be useful in some way.

..doesnt work with "3D Sketches with bends"... would be great if it did. Most all of the hose runs that I make has a bend radius added at the bend. I guess its back to manually measuring the loop.

It works if you create 2nd 3d sketch in which you use "Include Geoemtry" and include all the lines and bends from primary sketch. Then create "TheSweep" based on the 2nd sketch.


We changed the code slightly and it now also works on 3D sketches with bends. The problem was that the GetTruePath API call has a flaw.
We replaced that call with the Sweepfeatures.Path API call which works correctly.


Thanks guys, this has saved all sorts of weird work arounds.


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