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Excellent post Bob, very thorough and detailed.

Mark Randa has also written some great tutorials for using iLogic to update embossed text to match the Part No:

With a little help from Mike Deck, the iLogic guru from the Autodesk discussion groups:

I was aware of Mark's article and he certainly deserves credit for being the first one to blog about it. But with 2012 coming along I thought the subject deserved a simple approach via iLogic forms.
Thanks for the comment.

Very, very nicely done!

This worked great! I do have a question: I am unfamiliar with the tag and what it can control. I need to be able to control the Stretch of the text to make it fit always fit into a text box. Is there any documentation of other things it can control? I have searched everywhere. Thanks!

Oops, it stripped out the tag that I pasted in the above post. The tag I was referencing was the "Style Override" tag.

Hi Matthew,

The formatting of drawing text is documented in the Community resources > Programming help.
In the 2012 version of the API help, go to the Overview Articles.
In the Overview Articles, look for "List of XML text formatting tags for FormattedText". There you will find an explanation of the Style Override tag amongst others.
I am sure you will find a way to fit your text in the text box by programmatically adapting the font size.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. I actually did find what I was looking for:


Thanks for all of your help, though, that got me pointed in the right direction. I really appreciate this blog.

I just wanted to point out that this can be done in Inventor 2013, without the workarounds mentioned above.


Yes, 2013 made it somewhat simpler. You can now include the user parameter in the text used for the emboss and you can simply change the parameter value to get a different emboss text. The parameter can be changed either manually or via iLogic if you want to create a family of parts.So you still need to "program" if you want to create a family of different embosses.
As long as Inventor cannot use the parameter of type text in an iPart, we will have to help Inventor a little bit via iLogic to pre-define the different emboss shapes.

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