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Thank you for the info.
I'm a bit confused though. Using Inventor 2014 with the UseOnline="0" I had great success with the local help. After changing the XML file so that I could install SP1, the local help is different than before and the tutorials (among other things) are missing. How do I access the help like I did before installing SP1?

If you want to keep on using the local Help, after having installed the SP1, you can edit the xml file again and set UseOnline="0".

Alternatively, if you don’t want to edit the xml file again, you can set the value to zero for the following registry key:


I'm getting that error message when trying to install SP1 but it's stopping on ProdDep_UserDep.mc3 instead of helpids.xml

Any fix for this one? I tried repairing and re-installing Inventor but it didn't help.

My name is Claudio (from Toulouse - France)

I'm trying to re-install an evaluation version of Autocad 2014 , and systematicaly the installer Autodesk ask a product key ???
I had a virus attack recently and i was obliged to uninstall Autocad 2014 evaluation version and re-install all system7

Thanks for you help

Not sure I got your problem right.
In the link below you can find the product key for Acad 2014 and other products.
If this doesn’t help I would suggest to submit your question here:

Hi guys,

i have still the error.

I have tried EVERYTHING.

Still error 1328.

I have replace the helpids.xml file suggested.
I have tried to replace in the bin32 folder too.
I have tried to correct it manually ( Useonline=0).
I have tried to change the registry key to 0 (Enableonlinehelp).
I have "repair" the software, the boot.

Still error.

Please help me!! Thanks


If you are trying to install the SP1 for Inventor 2012 Spanish, please, check out this post
Otherwise, I suggest you to post your question here:

Hi ale,

no, my case is with inventor 2014 and windows 8.1.


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