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Nice, but this is no solution.
In the past there were templates for content center files. We could configure it by using one created part of a family, changed the bom to each and saved it as template file by overwriting existing.
Now the Inventor Content Center files have nomore templates. . .
pur Inventor

Hi Norbert,

This is not 100% true.

You can still do that (see for instance the procedure in the post http://beinginventive.typepad.com/being-inventive/2011/11/edit-the-structural-shape-quantity-precision-in-balloons.html for a similar request).

By the way, the settings for the Base Quantity from the edited template, just get applied to the frames inserted with the command Place from the Content Center and not with Frame Generator.

Besides, for doing that, you need to copy all the Steel Shape Families in a Read / Write Library and edit the template of each family.

Instead with this solution, you can use the frames from the standard libraries without editing their templates.

If you want, you can also add the Base Quantity column by default in your assembly template.

I hope it helps.


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