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"CUTDETAIL" command shows only Mitered angles, however if angle is cut by Trim/Extend command - it does not show angle value only word "Cut". Does anyone know which command (obviously smth analogical with "CUTDETAIL") solves this problem?

How do you rename the iProperty CUTDETAIL3 to CUTDETAIL1?

If not renamed, this will cause problems in the Parts List.



Hi Jerry,

I suppose you are talking about the Caveat I've written at the end of this post.

Unfortunately there is no way to rename the new property, but you can create a new custom property with name CUTDETAIL1 and value =”left angled bracket symbol”CUTDETAIL3” right angled bracket symbol”.

Please replace ”left angled bracket symbol” and ”right angled bracket symbol” with the corresponding symbols.

See for instance the brackets before and after Part Number at the end of this post (http://beinginventive.typepad.com/being-inventive/content-centeradms/page/2/)

Sorry if it is confused, but, unfortunately there is a problem with the comment editor and the left and right angled bracket symbols don't display.

I hope it’s clear and it helps.



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