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Thanks for this article! We have had major issues trying to get styles converted from Inventor 2012 to Inventor 2013. This has helped a lot!


Thanks Pieter for the nice comment.
The goal of my post was prevention. Maybe I should have posted it earlier :-)

Surely a tool could be made by Autodesk to provide users a single application to migrate select items and libraries between versions. Think of the cumulative time wasted by all users who must perform the yearly migration. The only thing that would make the yearly switch worse would be if we were forced to use floppy disks and DOS. No part of updating/up-versioning commercial software should require 'extreme caution.' The vendor is supposed to make it work in a robust and simple fashion so the users can do their work.

It is not that we are lacking tools to do migration (I am thinking here about Task Scheduler and the Update in the project editor), it is the cohesion that needs to get better so that order dependencies like the ones that I highlighted in the article can be avoided or at least flagged appropriately.


hi Bob, very good and useful post. and yet i have a few issues that i cant find answer. for example my company uses a lot of chains and I can't find them within design accelerator. I know that it is possible to modify/create a design accelerator xml file, but how?
Any way, this post showed me a few tips.

Editing the XML files associated with Design Accelerator parts is undocumented and nearly impossible without the proper documentation.The only document that I am aware of is about customizing synchronous belts but it has not been publicly made available. Sorry.

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