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Hello Ale,

I am using PrDS 2013 Ultimate German with Update 1. At the moment I am learning the behaviour of the new material and appearance libraries. Your description about saving styles from documents to libraries I can follow.
My uncertainty is in the behaviour of the Inventor Material Library.

In the active project, I set the option Use Style Library = Read Only.

Test Workflow 1:
1. In the Material Browser I add a material to document. (Gold)
2. I duplicate this material. New name is Gold (1)
3. I select Gold (1), right click menu and add to Inventor Material Library. Yeah! Although I have no write access to library the new material is added to library. After restart Inventor Gold(1) is still in library.
4. I am confused.

Test Workflow 2:
1. I create with Material Browser a new material in document. It is called 1.0045. No entries (tensile strength, color, etc)
2. I try to add this material with same cammand (add to Inventor Material Lib.). It does not work.
4. I am very confused.

The behaviour in Test Workflow 2 is exactly what I expect with set option Read Only in project file. Why I can duplicated materials add to write protected Inventor Material Library? Can I control the access at windows file system rights? In WikiHelp I read something about.

Thank you for your help!

Regards from Germany

Hi Andreas,

Sorry for getting back to you so late and for my post that maybe has confused you even more.

In fact, the workflow I describe in the first part for editing the material and save it back to the library, it’s correct, but not necessary. Probably I’ll change it for avoiding such confusions.

I will try to explain.

In Inventor 2013, if you create a new library, this is by default Read-Write.

The option in the project “Use Style Library” has no effect on the material library.

If you want to set the custom material library as Read – Only, you need to make the file Read – only in Windows Explorer, as explained at this page


Under “Locking Custom Libraries”.

The same concept applies to the Inventor Material Library that we chose to ship as unlocked library along with other locked Autodesk libraries.

That said (and I hope it is clear), about your workflows now.

Test Workflow 1. The behavior is as designed (according to my explanation above).
If you want to prevent to add Gold(1) to the Inventor Material Library, you need to lock it as explained above.

Test Workflow 2. The behavior is not correct. You should be able to add the new material from the document to the Inventor Material Library, if you have not locked it as explained above, but, in this case you should not even see the option for doing that in the context menu.

I have asked to our development to look in to this and fix it.

By the way, the problem is specific to the Inventor Material Library.

That is, if you create a new custom library everything works as I’ve explained above.

In the meantime, if you need to add a new material created from scratch in the part document to the Inventor Material Library, basically you have two options.

Option 1
Set the option in the project “Use Style Library” to Read-Write.
After creating the material in the document, menu Manage > Style and Standards > Save.

(Basically the option “Use Style Library” = Read-Write in the project has just the effect to activate the Save command from menu Manage > Style and Standards, but, as I’ve explained, it has not effect on the locking status of the material library)

Option 2
In the Material Browser, add the new material to another custom library.
Select the material from the custom library and add it to the Inventor Material Library.

I hope this can be helpful and have clarified your doubts.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen.


Hi Ale,

thank you very much for your detailed answer. Now I understand the read/write function of new Material Libraries. By the way, you don't need to change your post above. It's the old way to save new styles in libraries.
Still one question:
Would you advise me the original Inventor Material Library (IML) to use for a multi user environment with common access? I copy the original Inventor Material Library with all *.xlf files and paste everything to a server path. You have written that IML and custom libraries have the same behaviour.
I only want one library with so many as possible styles included yet. Additional I can save time with migrating old styles from previous releases. So I only have to migrate my user defined styles to IML. Is there anything to be said against?
A short answer is enough. Thank you!

Kind regards

Hi Andreas,

I’m glad my comments were useful.

About you last question; I see no problem in doing that, unless, of course, all the users have access to the shared location.

I’d make anyway a backup copy of the original IML, or I’d follow the suggestion you can find at the page:


Under “Manage Material and Appearance Libraries”.

In case you don’t need to migrate the entire R2012 material and color library, but just few materials you have customized in the previous versions for including them in the IML, I hope you can find useful the procedure from the Scenario 2 of this post:


Of course, in your case, you don’t need to create the new custom library, because you want to add the material to the IML.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen.

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