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In addition we found out that creating an empty style library with the described method also creates empty clearance.xls and threads.xls files.
This has the unwanted side-effect that threadded holes are no longer possible until you copy over the clearance.xls and threads.xls from a working Design Data folder into the the Design Data folder that has empty styles. Just wanted to let you know.


Hallo Bob, that can´t be true!
We have hundreds of projects provided with the “Styles Library = No” option!

It works very fine, each project is stand alone, in itself closed and works with another styles. To work with a central "Styles Library" is not possible for us and our customers. They all work with the same system.

With the new Autodesk variant we must administer a "Styles Library" in each project and not with a template file(300kb)!

For us is no relief, but additional expenditure.

Thanks for the information.

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