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Great tip Bob. It begs the question however - isn't it time for a bit of a Frame Generator update? I'm a real fan of Frame Generator helps - don't get me wrong, but you need to know it's limitations and their respective work-arounds - making it a tough tool to learn for a newbie. The above is one example of a limitation+workaround - another is quantities in BOM's (4 table legs list as 4 unique items etc). You can promote & demote to build sub-assemblies IF you type the sub assembly name rather than picking it... It's time for patterns, mirrored parts, inclusion of endplates, feet, gussets, connection details (surely you can do something smart in conjunction with bolted connections!). In my opinion, Frame Generator is great - but it's getting left behind. It could (and should) be sooooooo much better by now - but we're watching videos of more workarounds...

Completely agree with you Peter. And I can forward of course your request to our product design and product marketing folks. Unfortunately enhancement requests take time and need to be evaluated against a ton of other requets. So I like to take justice in my own hands so to speak and my immediate weapon to give you some kind of solution is the "workaround". Concerning your table legs example: I am not seeing this. When you look in the "Structured" tab of the BOM, if the 4 legs are identical,they should be all rolled up under one and the same part number item.

Thanks for your honesty Bob! I understand there must be thousands of good ideas out there that could be implemented - prioritising must be a nightmare! (But if you could nudge this along... ;-)

Regarding the table legs - my description wasn't the best. Maybe this workaround explains it better: http://cadprosystems.blogspot.com/2010/01/frame-generator-and-quantities-in.html

I looked at your video and yes, this painpoint unfortunately continues to exist in 2011. You used a clever way of incorporating the mass in the part number to get identical part numbers. I have explored similar avenues through the API by including the bounding box information rather than the mass. You might want to automate the process even more by using an iLogic rule to concatenate the stocknumber and mass to obtain the partnumber. Something like: iProperties.Value("Project", "Part number") = iProperties.Value("Project", "Stock number") +Str(iProperties.Mass)

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